Friday, July 13, 2012

SC2 Protoss 4 Gate Build Order - Starcraft II Strategy Guide

It is important to discover how you can do to build a 4 door red as the Protoss, the information listed below will surely help you and give you advantage over their opponents.

First of all, you want to be sure that you have trained hard to build a master, there are many scenarios in which this building will be and will be useful, and want to make sure that you have the most advanced technology and scalability, so that you do not mind that you're opponent is doing.

When you do a build, we expect to get all the minerals from all the probes and the use of one of their employees to actually scout your opponent. Now here's to build, do not forget to continually build the probe during the entire process.

• 9 pole
• 12 applicants
• 13 assimilator
• 1 to start producing Zealots
• 18 cybernetics core
• 19 to build a second assimilator

Do not forget that it will be difficult to build gas. You're going to build a 20th workers and start building stalkers, if you're a Terran or Protoss opponent. Or, if they Zerg, you can easily stay with computer access and use of Zealots. You want to make sure you build the second through fourth gateway.

And even cooler thing to do is find a choke point and narrow path, and build a gateway there, somewhere near the center of the map, but it blocks off the main entrance to your base, so you won 't take so long to come to his opponent.

To continuously build columns and eventually go to warpgate technology so that you can build towers and base units immediately. You can use the guards, but be sure not to overload it, after all the guards can do everything, right?

This is very good to make some kind of proxy tier, closer to your opponents base. Building this proxy column, you will be able to warp in troops even faster WipEout your opponent.

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